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Sunrise - The Three (Book Project Speedpaint)

Views: 5 Added by: Stervo4ka Stervo4ka 
Entry description:

(The cats are Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. These are not my official designs for them. :'D)This is a project I had to do for school. uwuSince I had been drawing these three for the project I decided to make it a speedpaint. She's allowing me to turn it in like this. eue I AM SORRY FOR ONLY DRAWING CATSI WILL DRAW OTHER ANIMALS I SWEARNow for some updates:1. I recently got a DA. My username is StarfaceTheGreat. owo2. Thank you all for +900 subbies! I love you all! ;W;3. I'm still going to do my answer video. It's just taking awhile do to all my schoolwork. 4. I have recently started thinking about animating warrior cat stuff, but the majority of my subscribers subscribed to me before I uploaded the Cinderpelt Mep Part, so if you guys want to see that stuff from me, please tell me. (I'll have to make it after I finish my Super VS Hyadian or however you spell it.Okay. I guess that's it.Um.Butts.

Language: Русский
Video runtime: 00:04:29
Author: Starface
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